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Nikon D7100

Welcome at my website. I always liked photography. It all started in 2007 with a static website at the web space offered by my internet provider. Some photos, some text and a lot of time styling the web pages using tables. And they often looked different in each and every browser. I have tried to scan analog slides but the results where rather poor, for that reason I started using photos made by my first digital camera.

In 2010 I registered www.justpics.nl together with some windows web hosting and made the first steps in asp.net and data driven web pages. I am by no means professional but for this hobby website it works out well. Of course HTML5 and CSS3 also provide much better ways to style a website.

Justpics is, as the name says, about the photos, a date, a location and sometimes small comments about the subject. For information I provide some info links which are related to the photos they are sorted by country.

All photos on this website are made by myself and they are original. They have been rescaled (1800 px width) and compressed for viewing on the internet, to save web space and avoid heavy download traffic. But no other editing took place. I know that some of them might look better with a bit of editing in photo shop. But I want this to be a website about photography, the camera and of course me.

Some of the photos are made by a HP 720 compact camera but most of the photos are made by DSLR type Nikon D70, D80 and at this moment a Nikon D7100.

On this website you will find a lot of railway related photos. You can work around them or find them using the "By subject" button on the main page.

I hope you will enjoy this website,


Please respect copy rights.

1stein (at) telfort.nl

If you like to send me an e-mail please find my mail address above.